Job details

ABRSM Coordinator
Collège du Léman, Geneva, Switzerland

Job reference: 06931

Location: Collège du Léman, Geneva, Switzerland

Closing date: 15/07/2019

Department: School Support


Main Purpose of the Role:

The Instrumental Music Coordinator (Extra-Curricular) is an experienced music teacher at CDL. His/her pedagogical skills as well as commitment, enthusiasm and integrity will allow him/her to provide every support to the Extra-Curricular Activities Manager and Head of Department concerning all aspects of ABRSM provision and examination.

Key Responsibilities:

Oversee and liaise with the Extra-Curricular Activities Manager and Head of Department concerning:

Coordination of Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Examinations:

  • To prepare the ABRSM letter and the internal application form, with the last updated information concerning the exams regulations, dates for both theory and practical examinations, fee for each different grade.
  • To collect the application forms and ensure that the school pays the total fee to ABRSM in due time and invoice the candidates for the corresponding fee plus 20% for arrangement fee for the school.
  • To fill in the official entry form, separately for both theory and practice, entering each candidate, checking the right spelling and birth date, and marking the specific ABRSM codes for each candidate according to the exam discipline and grade. 
  • To deliver in due time the official entry forms with the payment certificates.
  • To liaise with the candidates, their parents and teachers in regards to all what is concerned by the exams and to ensure that they are aware of the information they must know.
  • To advise the teachers to make ready their candidates in all areas of the exams, if necessary, offering support and encouraging the coordination between the instrument teachers and the theory teacher/s.
  • To draw the schedules in agreement with the strict ABRSM rules, taking into account the different duration of each individual exam, the ABRSM required pauses, and liaising closely from one side with the ABRSM general representative in Switzerland, and from the other side with the Head of the Music Department and the Principals to avoid conflicts with other academic exams or students activities and so to find suitable arrangements to each specific case.
  • To check the availability of the exam room and the waiting room, to ensure the booking of the rooms, to liaise with logistics to set-up the rooms properly according to the ABRSM requirements and oversee all the details in regards to the spaces used.
  • To liaise with the organizers of the exams at other international schools around Geneva and Lake Leman as well as local music schools in regards to eventual exchange of students due to personal impediments or specific requests. In the case that any of our students are allocated for any special reason in a different venue that is in a different school, to ensure that everything will run smoothly for the student: date, time, venue, where to report there, steward in charge and other details.

For the practical exams:

  • To be present in the exams for the whole duration and general overseeing.
  • To welcome properly the examiner and provide assistance about the exam needs for the duration of the exams.
  • To meticulously assure that the exam schedule is respected and everything runs smoothly.
  • To welcome the candidates at the waiting room, facilitate them the warm-up, to check that they have all the material that they need. To introduce the candidate into the exam room at due time.
  • To pick the candidate up from the exam room and back to the waiting room.
  • To ensure the silence in the area around the exam room. To avoid that people stay near the exam door.
  • For the theory exams:  To invigilate the exams for the whole duration. Set-up the room in a appropriate way according to ABRSM regulations. To welcome the candidates at the waiting room, to check that they have all the material that they need. To introduce the candidate into the exam room at due time. To assure the respect of the specific ABRSM regulations. To collect and deliver the official papers to ABRSM. To write a report about the incidents and the development of the session.
  • To receive from ABRSM the results, mark forms and official certificates and deliver them to the candidates. 
  • To assure the safety and welfare of the children according to the ABRSM Safeguarding and Child Protection policy.
  • To provide the teachers with advise and facilities to research a piano accompanist for the practical exams.

Skills / Qualities Required:






First degree

Masters in Education


Experience of instrumental music teaching in schools.

Classroom teaching and administrative role.

Prior Skills and Knowledge

  • Strong sense of organisation
  • Ability to will to take initiative and accept responsibility
  • Ability to work individually and as part of a team
  • Ability to listen – empathetic and attentive
  • Dynamic, committed yet flexible
  • Patience and availability
  • Good communicator with ability to use both English and French, oral and written
  • Ability to inspire
  • People management



The closing date for this job has now passed.