Job details

Office Administrator
Nord Anglia School, Nantong

Job reference: 05246

Location: Nord Anglia School, Nantong

Closing date: 30/11/2018

Department: Administrative

Hours per week: 40

Key responsibility

  • Responsible for school uniform selling, stock controlling and ordering.
  • Ensure uniform service is efficient and runs smoothly
  • Ensure Vend is used by all in the correct way
  • Ensure all uniform items are paid for and the money sent to Finance is accurate with all supporting documentation.
  • Liaise with parents with any matter relating to the uniform service and quality
  • Liaise with the uniform supplier on any service or quality problems
  • Uniform stock takes should be carried out three times a year towards the end of each term.


  • Attend all incoming phone calls, and handle them in an appropriate manner
  • Handle all incoming/outgoing faxes
  • Handle all incoming/outgoing post/messenger deliveries
  • Handle all email communications directed to the front-desk
  • Handle all internal/parent communication items, authorised by the management of the school.
  • It is expected that all communications should be handled during the designated work hours, in an effective and polite manner; re-directing to the appropriate person if so required.


  • Greet visitors, and direct them to appropriate areas of the school.
  • Provide visitors with drinks (coffee, tea etc)
  • Handle all reasonable requests from members of staff, intended for official school affairs
  • Identify and Report of any possible security concerns.
  • Communicate with driver(s) of school car(s)
  • Ensure the reception area is clean, tidy and welcoming with GREAT displays of school literature.
  • Ensure that all telephony/office hardware is appropriately maintained and repaired.
  • Manage mass emails and ensure all student information on Salesforce is up to date.


  • Ensure that all relevant documents, forms, information materials etc, relating to the job of the front desk, are appropriately filed and organized.
  • Translate documents (Chinese/English) and interpret during meetings, if so required.

Provide reasonable support to other areas of the administration, if so required.



The closing date for this job has now passed.