Job details

(Speculative) Elementary Teacher (Foreign Hired Teacher) SY 19-20
San Roberto International School, Monterrey, México

Job reference: 05114

Location: San Roberto International School, Monterrey, México

Closing date: 22/07/2019

Department: Teaching

As an Elementary School Homeroom Teacher, you will provide a robust, challenging academic experience that will help our students reach academic success through the following activities: 

• Planning, designing and implementing various teaching strategies and methods according to the age group and curriculum objectives (Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies).
• Organizing learning resources and activities to enrich the teaching/learning process.
• Evaluating, monitoring, recording and reporting student progress, providing students and parents with appropriate feedback.
• Developing personally and professionally via the Professional Growth Plan process.
• Contributing and behaving according to ISR’s mission and beliefs.

Besides a passion to teach and develop students, and a big desire to grow professionally , you must be able to meet the following requirements:

• A professional degree in Education, Psychology or Pedagogy, or Teacher Certification.
• Certification that Recognizes Expertise in Elementary Level Content in any the following areas: Language Arts, Math, General Earth Science and Social Studies.
• Two years academic experience
• Ability to communicate in English fluently, both spoken and written.

• Proven experience with Planning, Organization, Group Control, Classroom Management, Leadership and Initiative, all within an academic environment.
• Certification that Recognizes Expertise in Elementary Level Teaching Strategies, Group Control and Classroom Management.
• Master's Degree in Education


• Reports to: Elementary School Principal
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We are a values-focused institution that provides a robust, challenging academic experience at each of our two campuses. Our students graduate as well-prepared, socially responsible leaders with a passion for learning.

San Roberto International School prepares students to excel at their top-choice high schools, universities and beyond. Students from around the world enrich the overall experience for the entire student body, and give all students the opportunity to grow, learn, collaborate and compete within a global setting.

When joining our team you will belong to an elite of international professionals aligned to AdvancEd, that share best practices with their colleagues around the world.

We happily welcome people from every culture, belief, and religion. Additionally, 30% of our academic staff is foreign hired mainly from the USA and Canada.

We offer a unique academic program with the highest national and international standards that helps students reach their maximum potential. Our academic program is offered in English and Spanish from PreNursery to grade 9.