Job details

Extracurricular Day Care Assistant
Collège du Léman, Geneva, Switzerland

Job reference: 011486

Location: Collège du Léman, Geneva, Switzerland

Closing date: 02/08/2021

Department: Teaching Assistant

Main Purpose of the Role:  

The XCR Day Care Assistant follows the care, recreation, supervision and any logistical needs of preschool students, enrolled in the Extra-Curricular program. Responsible to deliver the structure designed for this service, they play a key link between the end of school and the parents. Responsible to ensure students are receiving the best possible experience, this role demands the ability to work constantly in a team.  
Working hours:
M – T – TH – F 15:30 – 18:00 W 12:00 – 18:00 (times may vary slightly depending on needs.) Hours per week: 16 Contracted for 36 weeks work and 4 weeks holidays. 
Key Responsibilities:  

• Promote the school values RISE

• Welcome Children at the end of school; collecting and passing on information provided by the teachers

• Be responsible for the delivery of the afternoon snacks and ensure each student selfhygiene is timely provided

• Prepare and maintain the cleanliness of the areas and equipment used by children

• Ensure the administration and the information shared or acknowledged from the office as well as any other sources, is followed accurately

• Acquire pedagogical knowledge on each child and provide a consistent feedback to parents

• Maintain an accurate record and administration

• Liaise daily with internal departments to ensure the logistics needs are well catered for

• Accompany students to their next destination within their routine

• Be open to run activities for children and grant supervision for any aspect of the service

• Assist with dressing the children and take children to the bathroom, changing pampers if required

• Participate to periodical induction & department meetings

• Remain available to support the needs of extended team if the situation demands

 Skills and Competencies: 

• Show good judgment  and sense of priorities

• Take initiative  

• Establish good relationship with children and adults  

• Remain flexible  

• English or French fluent and good oral French or English 

Teaching Assistant qualificationExperience with preschool primary children

 High level English or French written and spoken

Good IT literacy 



The closing date for this job has now passed.