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Job reference: 015593
Closing date: 01/06/2023
Department: Operations
Location: Bucksmore
Employment type: Fixed Term

Job Description

Bucksmore provides academic short courses to students aged 10-18 that have been modelled on American summer camps, with ‘Counsellors’ who live with students, teach lessons and lead excursions and activities, providing a higher level of pastoral care, guidance, and friendship – giving students more than just ‘teachers’ and ‘activity leaders’ at a summer school.

Recognising that high-achieving and well-motivated individual students wanted more from a UK summer school than just English language, excursions and afternoon activities, we have developed more challenging courses such as EFL based Young Leaders and the subject based courses Young Professionals, University Preparation and Advanced Studies. In 2019 Bucksmore were proud to have been awarded the PIEoneer ‘Language Educator of the Year’ award showcasing our commitment to innovation and student involvement.

With over 40 years of experience to perfect and improve the quality of our prestigious summer schools, we are proud of the academic short courses we offer. It is our goal for each one of our courses to be the best course that our students have ever attended. We welcome over 75 different student nationalities every year across our courses and ensure there is always a good mix of students on our courses.

Bucksmore Education strives to have a great team of leaders within our centres. The Centre Manager (CM) role is responsible for the day-to-day management of a centre and is responsible for its smooth running. It is the most senior post at the centre. The CM is in charge of all aspects of the centre, from managing finance, budgets, staffing and accommodation, dealing with clients and liaising with College staff. Forming the head of each senior management team the CM will directly line manage and work closely with an Academic manager and an Activities manager to ensure the smooth and successful day to day running of the centre. The CM is the Safeguarding Lead for the centre, and will undergo Safeguarding specific training for this responsibility. It is a challenging but rewarding opportunity.

The list below summarises the key tasks of the role and is not a definitive list of all the tasks to be undertaken as those can be varied from time to time at the discretion of the Head of Operations and Head Office Team. Bucksmore will exercise this right reasonably.

  • Ensuring that all necessary materials and equipment are in place at the centre in time for opening.

  • Provide a comprehensive induction day for all staff that ensures they have a good overview of their roles at the centre, and the performance expectations.

  • Hold regular meetings with all staff to ensure that the running of the centre is efficient and up to Bucksmore's high standards in all aspects of the academic and activity programme.

  • Hold regular meetings with the appropriate college administrative staff (e.g., catering (meal numbers, dietaries) and accommodation managers) to allow for the smooth running of the centre.

  • Liaise with the Head Office in respect of student numbers/expected arrivals departures or cancelations.

  • Organise & implement student arrivals and departures; this includes booking coaches, taxis, etc and assigning staff on the airport transfers.

  • Ensure that staff payroll is submitted on time, in accordance to the dates specified by the Recruitment Manager.

  • Liaise with Head Office in respect of staff pay details.

  • Manage the weekly expenses budget and petty cash, ensuring that the weekly finance and administration report is completed and sent to Head Office on time.

  • Manage student pocket money and update payment ledger accurately.

  • Work with other Senior Staff, to maintain staff and student discipline.

  • Maintaining control over student security and day to day pastoral care and student welfare. The Centre Manager is the Safeguarding Lead at the centres (with support from the Bucksmore Designated Safeguarding Lead at all times).

  • Upon arrival, the CM is responsible for students being allocated to their rooms quickly and efficiently.

  • Upon departure, CM is responsible for inspecting all the rooms for damage and any damages recorded.

  • Monitoring staff levels and ensuring appropriate staffing levels are maintained, in consultation with the Bucksmore Head Office.

  • Shutting down the centre at the end of the course, returning all materials and equipment to Head Office.

  • Provide an end-of-course report to Head Office.

  • Ensure all staff receive appraisals and these are passed to HR at Head Office.

  • During working hours, devoting their time, attention and abilities to the business and affairs of the centre and not act in any way that may bring Bucksmore Education into disrepute.

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